Adobe Books Backroom Gallery


  • Nov. 21st- Jan 2nd ’04:  Invisible Fair Eyebrow, backroom:  Amy Rathbone  main space: 
  • Oct 17th- Nov. 17th: Landscape Show, backroom: Charlie Callahan, main space: Leslie Shows, Nathan Burazur, Zoe Crosher, Jae Shin, Liz Walsh,
  • Sept. 5th – Oct. 4th:  Peasants, Priests, and Warriors,backroom: Rebecca Miller,  Our Hospitality, main space:  Amy Balkin, Catherine Czacki, Felipe Dulzaides, Amanda Eicher, Jenne Foss, Ramon Garcia, Anna Maltz, Alison Owen, Ben Peterson, Allison Sheilds, Phil Ross, Heather Rowley and Elizabeth Tremante.
  • Feb 7th:  New Work,  backroom:  Kyle Knobel and Sarah Cain


  • Dec. 6- Jan 26th 2003:  A Letter to the Sky, backroom: Christine Shields.
  • Aug. 31st- Sep. 30th: A Fortnight, backroom: Rebecca Tuyman, main space:  Jason Mecier and Kirk Maxson.
  • The Red Man Show group show in main spaceCurated by Christine Shields and Lara Allen.
  • March 23rd-April 23rd:  New Drawings, backroom: Chantale Doyle & Tara O’Toole.
  • Feb. 15th-March 15th:  Something New For Adobe Books,  backroom:  Amanda Eicher, window: Sarah Bostwick.


  • Nov. 9th- Dec. 1:  New Strategies with Found Shapes,  backroom:  Chris Corales, main space:  Scot Verlado.
  • Oct. 5th -Nov. 7th:  blue,  backroom: Robert Arnold.