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Dana Hemenway featured in 48 Hills, “Fall Arts Preview: 10 can’t miss art shows”

FALL ARTS PREVIEW Gallery season leaps into fall affect this week: Check out arts writer Matt Sussman’s picks for enlightening, expanding experiences.  

Dana Hemenway: Differently Structured Possibilities at Eleanor Harwood (Sept 7 – October 26)
Approaching materials commonly found at the hardware store (extension cords, ropes, light bulbs) with a fiber artist’s hand, Dana Hemenway creates woven sculptures that are both a part of and hang apart from their built surroundings. At once abstract and oddly tender, Hemenway’s work creates visual poetry out of the frequently hidden circuitry that surrounds us.

Link to Post: http://https://48hills.org/2019/09/fall-arts-preview-art-shows/


Dana Hemenway ‘My Art Collection As My Children | Larry’s List’

Christina H. Kang, a collector of Dana Hemenway’s work, has shared with Larry’s List how her art education and multicultural background has influenced her perception in art, as well as how she would feel bad to keep her “children” in storage.

Read the full article here: http://www.larryslist.com/artmarket/the-talks/my-art-collection-as-my-children/

Dana Hemenway ‘Researching extension cords & power supply as part of an artistic process’

San Francisco artist Dana Hemenway repurposes utilitarian objects and materials to step outside of their usual function and oscillate between their prescribed use and their new role as art. This stems from an ongoing exploration into their relationship between an item’s value and the environment in which it is presented.  


Read her latest interview by Brion Nuda Rosch for 1240 Minnesota Street to learn more about her research process: