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Press for Paul Wackers 2013


Juxtapoz Magazine – Preview- Paul Wackers -Almost Somewhere- @ Narwhal Projects, Toronto.pdf  (web link here)



June 24, 2013

Canadian Art Junkie

Paul Wackers: Custodians & Collectors





June 12, 2013

Preview- Paul Wackers – “Almost Somewhere” @ Narwhal Projects « Arrested Motion.pdf  (web link here)




FEBRUARY 17, 2013

Art Crush: Paul Wackers’ “Early Romantics” At New Image Art.pdf (web link here)



February, 20  2013

Paul Wackers Interview.pdf (original article here)



Press for Paul Wackers 2008





In March 2008, Gallery Crawl chats with Paul Wackers about Stand Still Like the Hummingbird, his second solo exhibition at the Eleanor Harwood Gallery. (Running Time: 5:11)


Eleanor Harwood, who began curating art shows in the backroom gallery at Adobe Books, opened the Eleanor Harwood Gallery in San Francisco’s Mission District in 2006. In addition to showing the work of the artists she represents, Harwood frequently opens her welcoming storefront space to emerging artists from various disciplines.

The gallery’s March 2008 show, Stand Still Like the Hummingbird, takes its title from a Henry Miller essay about technology and perception. Wackers draws inspiration from the street, connecting the visible to something just beyond the line of sight — or perhaps making a connection between the transcendant and things one might see every day. His work strikes a delicate balance between chaos and order, while experimenting with various ways of putting paint to canvas.