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Tiffanie Turner “California Homes” April 2019

Tiffanie Turner’s upcoming Solo Exhibition is featured within California Homes, in the April 2019 edition.

ELEANOR HARWOOD GALLERY- San Francisco “What Befell Us” is a new body of large scale botanical sculpture created by Bay Area artist and author Tiffanie Turner. This new work is a continuation of Turner’s meditations on our tolerance of aging and imperfection, on what we consider ugly and what we consider beautiful, and on the high costs to our society and our natural environment of these pursuits.

Tiffanie Turner ‘A Botanical Sculptor Seizing Floral Moments’

Dynasty Infight Magazine of China Airlines recently reviewed Tiffanie Turner and her practice.

“Paper is the preferred medium for American artist Tiffanie Turner, with these, she sculpts her vision of paradise, adding small pieces of paper over and over to form large and small blossoms. In doing so, she creates her personal floral vocabulary.”

Read the full article here Tiffanie Turner for Dynasty Magazine



Tiffanie Turner ‘These Incredibly Realistic Flowers Are Actually Made of Paper’

Tiffanie Turner’s blooms are no ordinary crepe paper flowers, the ones you’d find in craft stores. They’re often large-scale and extremely detailed; one piece can take her anywhere from 250 to 400 hours to complete.


Read more about Tiffanie’s process of paper flower making in this article by Creators for Vice:

Tiffanie Turner ‘Paper Flowers: The Global, Ancient Roots of a Contemporary Maker Fixation’ in Architectural Digest

Tiffanie Turner is a botanical sculpture who depicts the appearance of different plants, mostly flowers, to some degree of accuracy, in paper, using both realism and preternaturally large, sometimes metastasized forms.

Read about how Tiffanie has contributed to the rich history of paper flowers in this article by Architectural Digest: