Anastasia Tumanova

Anastasia Tumanova is a designer and self-taught ceramic artist in San Francisco. Originally from Moscow, her youth was colored by camping trips in the Russian wilderness and travels around the world with her adventurous family. She prefers to work with earthy materials that bring her in closer communion with nature such as clay, leaves, and botanical ephemera. Anastasia creates intricate patterns and large-scale murals from leaves and flora and is the inventor of porcelain wallpaper. Her innovative work has been seen at First Amendment Gallery, West Coast Craft, in the studio of Windy Chien, and most recently at Eleanor Harwood Gallery.

Artist Statement

There are few places in a city that provide the same experience of tranquility and inner peace than in the rejuvenating parks and great outdoors of California. My botanical work evolved from spending hours in groves, trails, forests, gardens, and parks — places that are like a healing balm to my digitally immersed life. Communing with nature gives me space for my spirit and heart to speak, and for all the digital noise (the emails, Instagram and Facebook posts, the articles, the news, the updates, the videos) to fade away to the background. My work is an expression of gratitude for nature’s healing gifts, and a celebration of its serene and eternal beauty.