Margaret Timbrell


Group Exhibition: What Is Left Behind, June 29th – August 3rd, 2019

Margaret Timbrell is a conceptual needlework artist with a multi-disciplinary degree from NYU.  Her work is inspired by various influences (such as technology, parenthood, perseverance and failure) that alter language and engagement. Timbrell has exhibited at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, Root Division, SoEx, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art and other galleries. She was featured in the SF Examiner, LA Times, Bust Magazine. In 2012 she was selected as a Heart Artist for SF General’s annual fundraiser. From 2015 to 2017 Timbrell participated in the StARTup Fair. She participated in Lenka Clayton’s Artist Residency in Motherhood and, in 2018, Timbrell was the Artist in Residence at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles. Currently Timbrell is an Alumni Studio Artist in Residence and a board member at Root Division and a Facility Artist at 1240 Minnesota Street Project. In Fall of 2019 she will have a solo show, Running Stitches, at the San Francisco School of Needlework and Design.

Artist Statement

Upon graduation from NYU I entered a photography based art career. However, after a very bad accident, I could no longer work in the darkroom so I began needlepointing. This practice soon expanded to other fields of technically advanced needlework, including embroidery, cross stitch, as well as needlepoint. 

I consider myself a conceptual needlework artist who uses the craft to reflect vulnerability, failure, and perseverance. An over arching source of inspiration with my work is the influence of the external. 

Usually a series starts with an observation. I might notice that now, as a parent, people often say “looks like you’ve got your hands full” to me, or I might notice the strangeness of form letters, or interesting linguistic or grammar patterns in our technology. I think of this as my raw data. 

At the same time, I am constantly researching and learning about the different styles and histories of needlework. In this way I am able to marry the traditional and historical context of a technique with the so called data that I’ve collected, creating work that can be appreciated both by a sophisticated stitcher and by the average viewer.

Curriculum Vitae


Margaret Timbrell – –

Solo & Two Person Exhibitions

Upcoming 2019

Running Stitches

Hanging Threads Gallery

San Francisco

2018 Not Bad

Ampersand Arts

San Francisco

Line Work

TL Café

San Francisco

The Selfie Wall

StARTup Art Fair

San Francisco

2017 New Work by Margaret Timbrell

Pacific Felt Factory

San Francisco

2016 Life Fails

Frank-Ratchye Project Space

San Francisco

If walls could talk

Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery


2012 to 2014 

Suite Five curated by Jenn Crane

San Francisco 

2011 diPietroTodd 

San Francisco

Frank Howard Allen 

Mill Valley CA

2009 Suite Five curated by Jenn Crane San Francisco 

2001 Razorfish Studios New York 

Select Group Exhibitions

Upcoming 2019

The Things Left Behind

Eleanor Harwood Gallery

San Francisco

Women’s Work

Building Gallery

San Francisco

2018 140 Characters 

Root Division

San Francisco

Art Trunk Show

Simon Breitbard 

San Francisco

Small Works curated by Sharon     Louden

Trestle Gallery

New York

Make Your Mark

Marin Museum of Contemporary Art


Mixed Media Self Portraits

School of Needlework & Design

San Francisco

Object Action: The “F” Word in a Post-Truth Era

Pacific Felt Factory

San Francisco

2017 Holiday Show & Sale

Pro Arts


Misfit Toy Factory

Root Division

San Francisco

Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery


Monster Drawing Rally


San Francisco

Sketch Tuesdays

111 Minna 

San Francisco

Sweet N Low: A Study in All Things Cute

Bedford Gallery

Walnut Creek

StARTup Fair

San Francisco

Stitched: Part I

Paradigm Gallery


2016 Misfit Toy Factory

Root Division

San Francisco

Great Highway Gallery

San Francisco

StARTup Fair

San Francisco

2015 Anniversary Show

Incline Gallery

San Francisco

Curated State 

San Francisco

StARTup Fair 

San Francisco

2012 The Virgins Show curated by Hennessy Youngman AKA Jayson Musson

Small Works

Family Business Gallery

New York

2009 Art in the Parc 

Parc 55 Hotel

San Francisco

2005 Black Market Auction

Independent School of Art

San Francisco


2004 Siblings 

Balazo Gallery

San Francisco

2003 Art Work(er)s 

Annex of SFMOMA 

San Francisco  


Last Place

Silent Gallery at Southern Exposure

San Francisco


2002 Post-Postcards 

Southern Exposure

San Francisco  

2001 Last Place 

Silent Gallery at Refusalon

San Francisco

Ex-space II

Superior Gallery

New York 


Superior Gallery

New York


Eden: Utopia and Distopia

The Bronfman Gallery

New York



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2017 Mission Local “Tradition and Quirks of Modernity Collide in Artist’s Embroidered Autocorrect Fails” by Laura Wenus

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Create Magazine Blog “Margaret Timbrell”

2016 Root Division Talk “Life Fails: Margaret Timbrell talks with Lauren Etchells about her latest work in the Frank-Ratchye Project Space”

The Gambler Blog “Summer 2016: Margaret Timbrell”

MFA Never Catalog, Root Division Catalog

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“Heroes & Hearts Interview with Margaret Timbrell” Channel 4 KRONTV ‘Jan Wahl Segment’

“SF General Hospital Foundation’s Heroes & Hearts Featured Artist” 97.3 FM Radio Alice 

‘Liz St. John Show’ Special interview highlighting my artistic involvement with the event


2009 San Francisco Examiner July 19, The Eye: Beauty sprouts in a hidden place by Anne Ray

San Francisco Examiner June 11, Accident leads to provocative art by Virginia Pelley

2004 Law of Inertia– December Issue 21 pgs 60, 61,80

2002 San Francisco Examiner– September 10, Photographic Bandit by Anne Crump

Bitch Magazine– Number 17 Pink Issue Womanly Arts

2001 BUST Magazine– Issue 17 Homegirls Page 110

Curatorial Experience

2018 140 Characters curated by Lauren Etchells & Margaret Timbrell

Root Division

San Francisco

Tell Me Something

NIAD Art Center online

Board Memberships

2016/2017/2018 Artist Representative at Root Division

Grants, Sponsorships, & Awards

2019 Corporate Sponsors for Running Stitches project: Bare Republic Sunscreen, Carson Footwear, Run Club SF, Sasquatch Racing, Sorry I Broke Your Heart Salon, Oiselle, Running Lushes, Nuun Hydration, Let’

2019 Running Stitches sponsored by Jenn Doyle Crane

2019 Running Stitches sponsored Paula Groves

2019 Root Division studio sponsored by David Hayes

2019 Root Division studio sponsored by Lisa Danzig

2018 Oakland Stock Grant Candidate

2017 Root Division studio sponsored by Meg Hart

2017 Artist Award from the Asian Art Museum in Sweet N Low at Bedford Gallery

2016 Root Division studio sponsored by Steve Zavaterro

2012Heroes & Hearts Artist benefiting SF General

2003 Silent Gallery Second Art Fund


2018 Facilities Artist at 1240 Minnesota Street

2018 Alumni Artist at Root Division

2018 San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles

2017 Artist Residency in Motherhood 

Speaking Engagements

2018 Special Guest Speaker at San Francisco School of Needlework and Design Fundraiser

2017 “Alternative Routes to a Successful Art Career” at State Space SF

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New York University- B.S. Diploma in Studio Art New York, NY 2001