Pegan Brooke

About the Artist

Group Exhibition: What Is Left Behind, June 29th – August 3rd, 2019

Pegan Brooke makes paintings inspired by her studio environs in Bolinas and San Francisco, California and maintains a parallel practice of creating video/poems shot by the Aven River in Pont-Aven, France. Light falling on water as visual metaphor for the fleeting qualtity of experience is a central theme of the work. Brooke has exhibited extensively, and her work is owned by the Guggenheim Museum, New York; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; the Des Moines Art Museum; the Swig Collection, San Francisco; and the Anderson Collection, Menlo Park, California. Her work has been widely reviewed, including in Art in America, The New York Times, and Artweek.

Artist Statement

Certain places and circumstances exert an undeniable impulse to make art inspired by them in order to understand what they might mean. My paintings are inspired by the experiences of sustained reflection upon the Aven River in Pont Aven, France, the Pacific Ocean near my home in Bolinas, California.

I am awed by the beauty of light falling on all forms of water. This visual phenomena is a perfect natural metaphor for the ever changing flux in which we make our lives. I love things one can only see for an instant; they shock us into contemplation, thought and change.

Curriculum Vitae




Artist Residency, Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice, Italy 


Artist Residency, Pont Aven School of Contemporary Art, Pont Aven, France


Artist Residency, Millay Colony for the Arts, Austerlitz, NY


Marin Arts Council Individual Artist Grant


Art in Embassies Program-Paintings selected for Bolivia and Sri Lanka


Marin Arts Council Individual Artist Grant 


Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Grant in Painting 


Alternate for Prix de Rome Fellowship 


Stanford University Tuition Fellowship 


University of Iowa Tuition Scholarship 


Drake University Tuition Scholarship




Pegan Brooke: New Paintings, Gail Severn Gallery, Ketchum, ID 


Pegan Brooke: Light – Water – Space, Julie Zener Gallery, Mill Valley, CA


Pegan Brooke: New Paintings, OCHI Gallery, Ketchum, ID


Pegan Brooke: Selected Paintings, George Lawson Gallery, San Francisco, CA


Pegan Brooke: Ten Years of Water, Gallery Bergelli, Larkspur, CA

Pegan Brooke: FLUX, Friesen Gallery, Sun Valley, ID


Pegan Brooke: Water Space, Anne Loucks Gallery, Glencoe, IL


Pegan Brooke: River/Sea: Sound and Silence, Friesen Gallery, Seattle, WA

Pegan Brooke: River/Sea: Water Time, Anne Loucks Gallery, Chicago, IL


Pegan Brooke: River/Sea, Sounds of a System, Bolinas Museum, Bolinas, CA


River in Relation, Sept. 28-Nov. 15, Anne Loucks Gallery, Glencoe, IL

Paintings by Pegan Brooke, Gallery Bergelli, Larkspur, CA


Fluency: New Paintings, April 23-May 28, Friesen Gallery, Seattle, WA

Fluency 2: Paintings by Pegan Brooke, Sept. 9-Nov. 4, R. B. Stevenson Gallery, La Jolla, CA


Paintings and Works on Paper, April 16-June 3, Anne Loucks Gallery, Glencoe, IL 

Pegan Brooke: Natural Language, Jan. 5-Feb. 28, IL 455 Market St. Gallery, San Francisco, CA 


Pegan Brooke: New Paintings, July 1-28, Friesen Gallery, Sun Valley, ID

Symbioses: New Paintings, Sept. 13-Oct. 18, R. B. Stevenson Gallery, San Diego, CA


Pegan Brooke: New Paintings, Nov. 3-25, Percival Galleries, Des Moines, IA


Sea Pen: New Paintings, Sept. 24-Oct. 30, R .B. Stevenson Gallery, San Diego, CA 


Pegan Brooke, Oct. 4-Nov. 30, Winfield Gallery, Carmel, CA


From the Shore Transformed, Oct. 24-Nov. 29, R. B. Stevenson Gallery, La Jolla, CA 


Objects of Discovery: New Paintings, Oct. 25-Nov. 29, R.B. Stevenson Gallery, La Jolla CA

Pegan Brooke: Recent Paintings, Sept. 10-Oct. 19, Joan Roebuck Gallery, Lafayette, CA


Agate Beach/Adeline Road: New Paintings, April 11-May 6,Terrain Gallery, San Francisco, CA


Pegan Brooke, March 15-April 30, Joan Roebuck Gallery, Lafayette, CA 

Pegan Brooke: Paintings, March 2-31, Parnas Gallery, Santa Monica, CA 


Pegan Brooke: Paintings, Oct. 26-Nov. 25, University of California at Davis Art Gallery, Davis, CA

Pegan Brooke: Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture, March 3-28, Untitled Gallery, San Francisco, CA


Pegan Brooke: Recent Paintings, Jan. 7-28, Saxon-Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


Pegan Brooke, Aug. 5-29, Fuller Goldeen Gallery, San Francisco, CA


Visions: Pegan Brooke, May 4-June 16, Des Moines Art Center and Museum, Des Moines, IA 

Pegan Brooke, Aug. 28-Sept. 27, Fuller Goldeen Gallery, San Francisco, CA 


Pegan Brooke: Paintings and Drawings, Feb. 10-March 14, Pamela Auchincloss Gallery,

Santa Barbara, CA

1983   Pegan Brooke, Feb. 8-March 5, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Scottsdale, AZ 

Pegan Brooke, Feb. 8-March 5, Fuller Goldeen Gallery, San Francisco, CA


Introducing: Pegan Brooke, May 27-June 27, Hansen Fuller Goldeen Gallery, San Francisco, CA


Pegan Brooke, May 13-31, Stanford University, Stanford, CA


Pegan Brooke: Collages, Feb. 9-March 7, Jan Shotwell Gallery, Des Moines, IA


Horse: An Offering, April 6-14, Eve Drewelowe Gallery, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA




Formal Attire, Gail Severn Gallery, Ketchum, ID

Bolinas, Volcano Gallery West, Volcano, CA


Simmer, Root Division, San Francisco, CA

If So, What? Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA


Contemplative Practice, Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Ketchum, ID

Matters at Hand, Heather Gaudio Fine Arts, New Canaan, CT


Metaphysical Abstraction, Yuma Art Center and Museum, Yuma, AZ

Metaphysical Abstraction, Morris Graves Art Museum, Eureka, CA


Artists We Like, OCHI Gallery, Ketchum, ID


Recent Aquisitions, Don Soker Gallery, San Francisco, CA


Art for Water, Matthew Marks Gallery, New York, NY

Terroir, Friesen Galley, Sun Valley, ID

Inaugural Exhibition, Transmission Gallery, Oakland, CA

Bolinas Museum Gala Invitational Exhibition, Bolinas, CA


The Silver Summit, Friesen Gallery, Sun Valley, ID


Lux, SCAPE [Southern California Arts Projects and Exhibitions], Corona del Mar, CA

Color and Culture, R.B. Stevenson Gallery, La Jolla, CA

Artists Leading Artists, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA

Summer Group, Bergelli Gallery, Larkspur, CA


Women’s Work, R.B. Stevenson Gallery, La Jolla, CA


Abstract, R.B. Stevenson Gallery, La Jolla, CA


7 Women 7 Weeks, Anne Loucks Gallery, Glencoe, IL


Five Bay Area Painters, Friesen Gallery, Seattle, WA

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Is, Was, Will Be, Espace Melanie, Riec-sur-Belon, France, travels to Mona Bismark Foundation Paris, France

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Pulp Fiction, French Library and Cultural Center/Alliance Francaise, Boston, MA

New Year:  Gallery Selections, R.B. Stevenson Gallery, San Diego, CA


Underfoot, Brasilia Binational Center, Brasilia, Brazil, traveling to Instituto Cultural Norte-Americano Brasileiro in Porto Alegre, Brazil; Associacao Brazil America in Recife, Brazil and Associacao Alumni, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (catalogue) 

Jellies:  Living Art Exhibition, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, CA (catalogue)


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Towards the Millennium, Northern Ca. Painting, Monterrey Museum of Art, Monterrey, CA

Yellow: The First Color, Bedford Gallery, Lesher Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek, CA


Concepts of the Land, Bolinas Museum, Bolinas, CA

Illuminated Under White Light, R.B. Stevenson Gallery, La Jolla, CA

Artists Grantee Exhibition, Falkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael, CA

20th Anniversary Exhibition, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artists Gallery, San Francisco, CA 


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Landscape, Skyline College, San Bruno, CA 

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Stanford University, Stanford, CA, MFA/Painting


University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, MA/Painting 


Drake University, Des Moines, IA, BFA/Painting


University of California at San Diego, La Jolla, CA, BA/Literature




San Francisco Art Institute, SF, CA, Graduate Director and Professor of Art 


Pont Aven School of Contemporary Art, Pont Aven, France, Professor


University of California at Davis, Davis, CA, Visiting Artist 


California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA, Guest Artist


Sonoma State University, Rohnert Part, CA, Instructor 


University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, Visiting Artist


College of the Redwoods, Ft. Bragg, CA, Chair and Professor of Art 


Stanford University, Stanford, CA, Lecturer and Teaching Assistant 


University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, Teaching Assistant

Kirkwood Community College, Iowa City, IA, Instructor



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