At Home With San Francisco Artist and Mama Kelly Carámbula

Erin Feher, Mother Mag, April 30, 2019

Artist Kelly Carámbula is the first to admit it’s not easy. From navigating the unpredictable waters of raising a child with special needs, to carving out the mental and physical space to create art while raising two high-energy, mama-needing little girls, Kelly’s parenthood journey has required constant improvisation, and sometimes facing the darkest moments before moving into the light. But what makes her so inspiring is the way she does it—with honesty, intention, and and an inborn sense of style that makes every space she inhabits reminiscent of one of her sculptures: colorful, graphic, whimsical, and a little bit unexpected. Kelly invites us into her incredible Bernal Height home—that she personally renovated down to the doorknob details, obviously—and talks candidly about the joys and challenges of motherhood, and surfacing from the initial plunge of new parenthood to rediscover her creativity. Click through the full tour below and prepare to be inspired!