Kelly Carámbula at Rare device

Inbal Ithachi Hayon, Arts and Bites, May 1, 2019

Each time I walk down Divisadero St. I know for sure I’ll have to pop into Rare Device.


If there’s a place that I can see small design exhibitions, discover new artists, get some inspiration and buy unique presents for myself and for my family and friends, for sure I’m there!


Opened in 2010, Rare Device is a store that sells “beautiful things to hold in your hands”, designed items, either local or from abroad, usually handmade: Stationary (my favorite), books, jewelry, cool toys, bags, cups etc.


Towards the back of the store there is an art gallery with monthly exhibitions that give a stage to independent artists.

This time I was introduced to the work of Kelly Carambula, San Francisco based artist and designer who created a one year project focused on only 2 things: color and form.


She rediscovered her creativity with these two simple ideas using clay, metal, paper and wood.


I was captured by her simple shapes and soft colors, I especially liked the aesthetics of her prints and that large 3d collage on the wall which looks different from every angle you look at it.

When I read her story, where she said that in her free time she is either chasing her children or searching for the best morning pastries, she captured me even more…..