The Modern Abyss

Nothing At All, Culture Plus, April 6, 2023

Coinciding with the thriving arts scene during the Hong Kong Art March, Nothing At All is thrilled to announce the opening of its group exhibition, “The Modern Abyss” – featuring six prominent artists from across the world, including Korean artist Chuni Park, Japanese artist Motonori Uwasu, Australian artist Max Berry, French artist Timm Blandin and U.S. artists Michael Childress and Wyatt Mills.


The exhibition, titled “The Modern Abyss”, explores the concept of the unknown and uncertain, which exists beyond our perception and interpretation. Some might comprehend it as a reflection on the current state of the world, while some believe it is an overall sense of unease. The abyss is a primal chaos of the universe; a state before the world comes into existence. It represents an unfathomable realm that constantly intermingles and shapes our reality.


In this exhibition, the six featured artists use a variety of artistic approaches to visually depict the abyss of modern times, creating a rich and engaging visual dialogue. Each of the artists’ works could be seen as grappling with such concept in their own way, whether through Max Berry’s exploration of detachment and orientation in relation to a place, Wyatt Mills’ depiction of a jumbled and confusing world, or Michael Childress’ fascination with the infinity of universe beyond the thresholds of human knowledge and perceptions. Their paintings are visually arresting and aim to draw viewers into the abyss, prompting them to contemplate how they decipher reality with their senses amidst the overwhelming information of the modern world. Exploring the “Modern Abyss”, the exhibition aims to shed light on the scientific and psychological aspects of the unknown and the ways in which it influences our perceptions of reality.


The exhibition explores the ever-shifting boundaries between reality and perception, and the interplay between order and chaos in our contemporary world. Divided into two subthemes, “Image/Reality” and “Order/Chaos”, the show features six contemporary artists who challenge our assumptions and push us to reconsider the ways we experience and understand our surroundings.