Inside (Reluctant) Artist Paul Wackers Williamsburg Walkup

John Emrys Eller, Brooklyn Magazine, December 21, 2012

What do you do? 

I work a few odd jobs… but I guess mostly I’m an artist. I hate calling myself that. I make things.

Why did you move to Brooklyn? 

I moved here almost three years ago for a change of scenery—and to be surrounded by all the amazing culture New York has to offer. 

What's your favorite thing about your space? 

I guess the best part of my apartment is really how close it is to everything without feeling completely buried by the annoying or overbearing things about living here. 

What's your least favorite thing? 

The trucks sound like they are doing cartwheels down the street at four in the morning.


What are the three (inanimate) things you'd save first in a fire? 

Well I don’t have all that much stuff. So I guess my computer. Maybe a few of the paintings I have on my walls that are from friends or that I have been lucky enough to buy on the cheap, and maybe my pencil cactus. I just got it so we are still friends. 


What's your favorite room in your space? 

Well, since I share the apartment with two others, my room. We don’t have any shared space except for the kitchen, which I like to drink my tea in in the mornings. 


Favorite time of day? 

That depends on the time of year. I think I like summer mornings, when the air is still fresh. Then holed up inside on winter nights, glad to be warm. 


If you suddenly received a windfall of cash, what changes would you make to your space? 

I’d move into a new space. I don’t think the landlord would appreciate the renovations I’d do. 


If you could move your house/block/neighborhood to another city, which one would it be, and why? 

I don’t think I would move it to another city. It’s a great block for the most part. Maybe moving it into Manhattan for a minute would be fun. I’d like it if this house could have four front doors: one opening into where I live now; one to Nevada City, California for the Yuba River summers; another opening into Paris—I have a soft spot for that city, as annoying as it can be; and lastly, Tokyo would be cool, since I've never been and having my own space would make it manageable, otherwise it just seems too overwhelming.