Mima Museum - Paul Wackers

Mima Museum, January 1, 2016

“I tried to tease out the subjects from the forms in other paintings and then see how they worked or failed in different situations. I did not actively reference much outside of my studio, just my rocks and plants and ceramics that I have around me as a source.”
-Interview by Alison Mazur, Drop Magazine, March 2014.

The New York based artist (b. 1978) is primarily a figurative painter, who tends towards the slight abstraction. His pictures engage with ‘non-places’, vegetable landscapes with bookshelves and window ledges, offering an insight into a parallel reality. Deserted spaces reflect the artist’s inner-perception and are reminiscent of the still-life’s by the well-known Dutch masters e.g. Willem van Aelst.

At first glance, the regular, geometric order of the objects seems to be maintained. Cans, candleholders and empty vases fill up the interior spaces. But if we look again, we notice straight and twisty lines disturbing the familiar impression of banality.

The geometric aspects of the composition coexist side by side with the organic elements. The traces of individual interpretation become visible as a sophisticated abstract language of chaos and order. By this means the obscure inner impressions melt into the existing phenomena.