SF Weekly: Fall Arts 2016: Weird

Jeffrey Edalatpour, SF Weekly, August 31, 2016

Dana Hemenway – All That Glows Sees
Saturday, Sept. 10
Eleanor Harwood Gallery,
1275 Minnesota St., Suite 206,
415-867-7770 or eleanorharwood.com


When was the last time you looked at an electric light bulb with awe and wonder? Turning it on at night is just an accepted part of your routine, like brushing your teeth. But not so for artist Dana Hemenway. Her work resides in that liminal space where, according to her artist’s statement, “utilitarian objects and materials step outside of their usual function and oscillate between their prescribed use and their new role as art.” At the gallery, you’ll find among the installations Untitled (Yellow Extension Cords, Rope) and Untitled (Cord Grid). After examining all this illumination, you’ll never look at a wall socket quite the same way again.