James Chronister "Bitterroot"

Nathalie Danilovich, 7 x 7, February 26, 2014

This month, Eleanor Harwood Gallery takes a new approach, hosting two solo shows atonce, while Brian Gross Fine Art showcases a series of paintings never seen in America. And, Catharine Clark Gallery exhibits a local artists’ reflection on the past. Enjoy.

James Chronister:Bitterroot, at Eleanor Harwood Gallery
Think this is a photo? Guess again. James Chronister employs a laborious, pointillisttechnique to paint imagery sourced from half-tone style printing. Bitterroot, displayed in a room covered in black rose petals, is a celebration of the photorealistic paintings, as Chronister anticipates embarking on an experimental phase in his practice, a phase that will involve more abstract work.

The exhibit runs through March 29th at Eleanor Harwood Gallery, 1295 Alabama Street.